About me.


Kaloree (formally known as Kali Snowden) - Artist of many mediums. 

Kaloree [kal-uh-ree] means unit of energy and has latin roots from warmth or heat. Her name is both descriptive of the energetic, bright, and hope-inspiring nature of herself and her artwork.

Kaloree is originally from Port Townsend, WA. However, she has spent most of her adult life in the SF Bay Area doing artist in residency learning sculptural building & design, attending university, exhibiting her paintings in galleries, as well as, curating events. She also traveled as a mobile henna tattoo artist and entrepreneur. 

Today, Kaloree is now located in the greater Seattle, WA area. Her focus is on large-scale acrylic paintings, kids games (see Sea Life Cards), and illustrations for future children's books! 

She graduated with a BA degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and Critical Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. Her artist portfolio and interests are truly interdisciplinary as she works in an array of mediums and her professional experience ranges from marketing, event coordination, entrepreneurship, to retail sales, book/magazine publishing, and writing. She considers herself a long-term “student of life” always willing to take on a new adventure! 

"A person as effective and powerful as Kali Snowden who is also graceful, brilliant, and kind is a rare combination.  We find ourselves greatly appreciative to this woman who helped tremendously in arranging the artists for the Art + Industry show.  She is here every single day with a smile on her face. " - American Steel Studios, Oakland CA