Return from Bharat (India)

This last winter I had the greatest opportunity to visit India for several weeks. It was fabulous, exciting, and vivacious. 

I had not traveled abroad before, but I felt the need to join this yoga tour. We visited Delhi, Varanasi, Rishikesh, Jaipur and Goa. Studied yoga postures, chanting, singing, and philosophy. We met monkeys, bulls, elephants, camels, and parrots. We rode in rickshaws, danced with kids at the orphanages, dipped into the holy Ganga river, and got to visit ancient palaces. 

I was so grateful for this amazing experience and India was very welcoming to us. I felt right at home. Thank you! Namaste.

I only learned one word in the national language when we were there and that was "Dhanyavad" meaning "Thank you." Now I have been back in the US for several months and all I can think about is wanting more. I want more language skills, more experiences with yoga at its source, more music/culture, etc. So here's where the art comes in....

I am currently reading The Ramayana, a retelling of the great Indian epic. Its so captivating. Originally I started reading it because I was inspired by the hero, Hanuman the monkey-man god from Hinduism. Immediately when reading the events in this epic my mind has been filled with colorful illustrations. Here's the first one, its from a story within the greater Epic about how the Ganga river came to be:

"The Descent of the Ganges" Watercolor on paper 18x24" - Kali "Kaloree" Snowden 2016

"The Descent of the Ganges" Watercolor on paper 18x24" - Kali "Kaloree" Snowden 2016

Above, Lord Shiva is breaking the fall of the Goddess and river Ganga. She is very strong and previously resided far off in the galaxy, the sun is about to rise and Shiva catches her through his hair. Everyone stands in awe that he is capable of bearing the descent of such a powerful Goddess. With him are his wife and bull, Parvati and Nahndi. 

Stay tuned for more updates and illustrations as I further my studies in Yoga, Hinduism, Spirituality, Hindi language, and great Epic literature! 

Monument of Hanuman (opens his chest to show his devotion to Prince Rama and Sita), photo from Rishikesh, India

Monument of Hanuman (opens his chest to show his devotion to Prince Rama and Sita), photo from Rishikesh, India


Sea Life Exploration - the vocabulary card game

Not just a card game, a product inspired by the Mission Blue documentary about the amazing deep water explorer Dr. Sylvia Earle and her conservation activism. Earle and her alliance Mission-Blue are working hard to gain global support for Hope Spots, protected marine areas. When I first saw the film about Hope Spots and the great work that Dr. Earle has done as a female pioneer in her field of deep sea diving and oceanography -I had to get involved. I'm pleased to announce the publication of the Sea Life Exploration: vocabulary card game with an intention to inspire people across several generations to get involved in saving our oceans. 

Kaloree's custom designed art - the "Sea Life Exploration: vocabulary card game"

Kaloree's custom designed art - the "Sea Life Exploration: vocabulary card game"

Each of the cards within the deck include an original painting. There are 14 pairs of creatures and a portrait of Dr. Sylvia Earle aka "Her Deepness" depicted in her deep sea diving suit "JIM".

                                          Portrait of Dr. Sylvia Earle 

                                          Portrait of Dr. Sylvia Earle 

This vocabulary card game, you can BUY HERE is a fine art show in a box, a classic memory card game, and an opportunity to learn marine life terminology in both English and Spanish! Several creatures are included in the deck including sharks, whales, sea anemone, jelly fish, snorkeling toddlers and more! I want to encourage more young women to follow in Dr. Sylvia Earle's lead as a scientist, explorer, and activist. 

I am wishing that you will all be moved by the beauty that is our planet's oceans and the many creatures alive within, we are in a time on Earth that is crucial to take action to protect and conserve wildlife and entire underwater ecosystems which are proven to be in danger of going away, forever. I hope, as does Dr. Sylvia Earle, that everyone can get involved in some way because if the ocean dies - we die. It is not to late - yet time is of the essence, it is urgent that we take action today so that our future remains bright, and wet. 

Spread the word and enjoy the art - buy your own deck of Sea Life Exploration vocabulary card game here.

Hear from Dr. Sylvia Earle and her deep blue wish:

The Sea Life Exploration card game - Available now!

I've edited the proofs and sent the art away to the printer for the bulk order! Big "Thank you" to all who have participated in the special pre-order sale. The memory matching game is a hit and not just for the kiddos. Don't worry about spilling a drop of wine on the cards as it wipes right off! That's right - it is totally okay for your toddler to drool and slobber all over this deck of fine art. 

Within this deck of (30) cards you'll find an entire series of Kaloree paintings, inspired by Oceanographer/Explorer Dr. Sylvia Earle and her marine conservation activism. Bright designs will light-up the eyes of the beholder, this artwork inspires us to act responsibly in the favor of healthy oceans and the future of our planet Earth.

The cards are a traditional "tarot card" size and made from a durable linoleum stock, making them water resistant. The Sea Life Exploration is a memory matching game and vocabulary learning tool (names are in both English and Spanish). They are a great holiday gift, party favor, birthday present, or the next addition to your coffee table art collection.  BUY HERE.

Original designs were hand-painted by Kaloree - featuring whale sharks, sea anemone, puffer fish, lantern fish, jelly fish, and much more.

Purchase your deck at my SHOP

More languages coming soon including French! 

Stickers for you!

Hot off the press, Kaloree art stickers. I've had several of my watercolor original paintings printed as stickers for my fans. The quality turned out really well as they are not too glossy but have that nice vinyl feel with great color resolution. I especially love the angry baboons, who wouldn't? There are six different designs now available for on-demand ordering at RedBubble or you can receive them for free in the mail as a monthly subscription if you become my patron at $12.00/month at

Original art printed stickers by Kaloree

Original art printed stickers by Kaloree

Being a patron comes with perks - including monthly art sticker mailers!

Being a patron comes with perks - including monthly art sticker mailers!

Coloring with Owls

What is this spreading trend? Adults with coloring utensils! In their hands one might find pencils, crayons, markers, chalk, paints, and pens – you name it. What goes with those things? Well, coloring books of course!

Women are stashing them in their purses and others are keeping them on their coffee tables, desks, and studios. Why? It’s for stress relief and stress-free creativity.

In celebration of this hopefully lasting trend of coloring peoples across all age ranges, I introduce to you: my first illustrated (FREE) coloring book page!

So please, click it. Print it. Color it. Share it! 

Kaloree fine art mugs for sale at

Kaloree fine art mugs for sale at

Coloring with owls and custom made art mugs!

Coloring with owls and custom made art mugs!

Cheers to the "Difficult" Teacher and Happy Father's Day!

What is the value of a good engaged, critic? Someone who will spoon up solid valuable feedback on what you have created. For me, I enjoy when my father takes on this role. I’d rather have a mentor-type that looks at my artwork and says something along the lines of “I think you need to do another draft because…” rather than one that never fails to tell me “looks beautiful honey!” Because in this case, telling me that everything I produce looks great, for the sake of being supportive, is not actually being supportive. It means that every compliment is invalid since there is no basis of quality to judge the work upon. So thanks Dad and Happy Father's Day! Thank you for being the one to be both supportive, engaged in what I am producing, and one to offer constructive criticism.

That's my Dad! See Harry Snowden's Photography here:

That's my Dad! See Harry Snowden's Photography here:

It was the same in college. I loved to write essays in my senior year and I had different types of professors, all of them were supposedly engaged in my work. It was a small class and we could tell that each sentence was being read carefully.  I remember two situations here, the first teacher who was incredibly rigorous and always pushed me to do better, go beyond, and try harder. Sure, her comments were not always easy to take in. I was super relieved to pass her class with good marks. In contrast, the next teacher, whom I also looked up to, marked every essay with comments along the lines of  “this works great,” and “steady argument here” or “good job!” Wasn’t that supposed to be better? Nope. During the end of that semester I was feeling like: Why bother doing my best when I can count on the same positive feedback that I have gotten every time? It became boring and almost pointless to do the work.

So today I am thinking about the value of “difficult" teachers and along the same lines; how lucky I am to have a father who is engaged in my work and offers supportive constructive criticism. I also love more the friends who challenge me to be a better person over the ones who are, just nice. Don’t get me wrong. I am not docking Nice because if there is anyone who values nice people it’s me -since I am very, very, nice.  However, being nice and being supportive does not consist of only passive compliments while ignoring saying what is hard, difficult, or awkward to say but turns out to be helpful in the end. Please friends and teachers alike engage with me, tell me what is constructive -- challenge me to do better!

In the Artist's Pen, Ink is the Blood from The Heart

April was National Letter Writing Month, I was successful in my 30 day letter writing challenge! Yep, that's right I wrote 30 snail mail letters in only 30 days. 

During this process, I found myself partaking in a very meditative activity of hand writing, addressing, and posting letters to friends and family. I hand crafted greeting cards, postcards, doodles and love letters. I found out a few other things during this process.

1) Almost no one wrote back. We aren't used to doing this anymore. Plain and simple. Tons of grocery stores and office supply shops don't even have outgoing mail boxes anymore. I found myself on an afternoon-long quest, just to get out my letters in the box.
2) I still love snail mail. I went out and found 2 pen pals (who promise to write back!)
3) "In the Artist's Pen, Ink is the Blood from The Heart"  - Why don't we do this anymore? Because it's time consuming to hand-scribe things, but for me... it is that ink that I live for, the self-expression that bleeds out of the tip of the pen.

I'm glad I did it, and I'm glad April is over...I will still belong to the snail mail club, but I will not be writing, addressing, and posting a letter for every day of the month. 

Introduction to Book Making


Introduction to Book Making is a currently in-progress project that I have been working on for 10 years now! Very slowly, mind you. Here are a few thoughts that have popped up recently… What is Truth? “Being alive is being sad.” “The only peace, lies within you.” Speak your truth. This book is made out of varied collage materials and an old re-purposed book. Since I have been adding to it over time, it’s really fun to go back and flip through each page to see what had inspired me a few years ago, as compared to now. Here’s my most recent entry. “Reading” this book that I have made is interactive as you can flip up panels, pull strings, or look behind various things, as you can see below:

Be YOUR truth.